When Christy, my vision therapist, first asked me if I would write a testimonial, I remembered how reading about the other patient’s success made me feel more comfortable about starting the process and I readily agreed. But as I sat down to put words to paper, I faced two challenges – first, how to adequately describe how vision therapy completely, utterly and absolutely changed my entire life, and second, how to do it without writing a novel! I tried and gave up a few times and then decided to wait a while to adjust to my new reality.

So here I am, a few months out from my “graduation”, still completely amazed at the difference vision therapy has made to my whole life. I started vision therapy in my fifties because I had developed double vision that was making it difficult to drive and work. I started with the hope that my double vision would not get any worse – I finished with vision better than anything I had ever known and beyond anything I could have even imagined! Simple, almost effortless vision! Bright, sharp, 3D vision!

Everything became so much easier, driving, working, watching TV, reading, going up and down stairs. My balance has improved, my motion sickness is gone. My depth perception is so much better and I don’t run into door jambs like I used to and night driving, which use to terrify me, is now no problem.

Vision therapy has opened up my whole world, seeing in 3D, for me, is an over whelming experience, still, and I hope it always is. I had no idea what I was missing and I feel blessed that I discovered it later in life and can experience the full wonder that others consider “every day”.

Therapy was hard work but Christy made it so much fun! I am so happy that I found this program and I would highly recommend it. If you put in the work, it will work for you!