My identical twin boys were having issues reading and transferring information from the board to their own papers in grade 1. They were also unwilling to learn to ride a bike and often touched things beyond what would be considered normal behavior. Vision therapy was recommended by a family friend who had a daughter who had benefited from it. After the assessment, my boys were diagnosed with delayed visual systems, and we began our VT journey with Christy as our therapist. Christy showed patience, energy, and compassion as we worked through the therapy process. My boys and I felt supported every step of the way. We laughed and worked hard and now they have graduated VT. It took years of therapy, but my boys are reading and writing. They ride their bikes with their friends and can downhill ski with confidence. Their eyes work with their bodies now. I could not be more pleased.

It breaks my heart to think that they lived so long with vision issues. We got their eyes checked regularly and they wear glasses; you think you have done all that can be done. But there are vision issues that are not easily detected by routine eye exams. I know this now. I would recommend to anyone with vision concerns to get an assessment done and pursue VT.