We are so grateful for the care that Dr. Wareham and Amanda provided for our son. He was in grade 2 and barely knew his letters and certainly could not read. He started to become a behavior problem in school, and at home, due to sheer frustration. We had already employed a specialized tutor but that just added to his frustration. When I reached out to the school Resource Teacher she asked if we would be willing to take him for a Vision Assessment. I explained that I had taken him to the optometrist three years in a row, every year being told that he had 20-20 eyesight. She told me that vision is more than just 20-20 eyesight–that it involves how the musculature of the eye works and how the two eyes operate together. So, we made an appointment. I was so impressed with the thoroughness of the examination by Dr. Wareham, how calm he was, and how well he interacted with my busy 6-year-old. He even got down on the ground with him, crawling around and down on his belly to test my son’s primitive reflexes. Who knew these could impact his vision? Not me.

Immediately after the exam, Dr. Wareham provided a thorough explanation of his findings and his recommended plan of treatment, including six months of vision therapy. This is a big commitment, especially for people like us who do not live in the city.
We began our vision therapy with Amanda and had regular exercises to be done at home. By working with your child at home it is easy to distinguish where their weaknesses are, and it is also very exciting to see their improvement over time. At the beginning my son could barely track well enough to read six letters divided over two different lines. Six months later he could breeze through twelve lines of 8 letters like it was second nature and with a “why are you bothering me with this easy stuff” attitude.
At the end of year BBQ at his school, his teacher came to me to tell me that he had gone up 13 reading levels over the school year and that she was so shocked she had to go back to her original records to ensure she had not made an error. My son now reads for pleasure at a much higher reading level than expected for a Grade 3.
We had to take away his book during his birthday party so he would interact with his guests! This is just remarkable for a parent who once despaired about the very difficult path her son was on. Dr. Wareham’s Vision Therapy program has saved him as far as I am concerned, and given him the most wonderful gift of reading with ease.
The world is now his oyster. I am so filled with gratitude.