I had glasses for a few years when I was younger, but they didn’t seem to be helping me at all, so I stopped wearing them for a while. My eyes were constantly tired though, and I had a very hard time focusing on things, which became a real problem when I started driving. I finally decided to go back to my optometrist, and they said that just having a new pair of glasses wouldn’t benefit me. They referred me Pupils Vision for Vision Therapy. My parents and I were a bit skeptic at first, since we had never heard of such a thing even existing before, and because we live very far away from their office. But after my initial consultation with Dr. Wareham, we were very glad to learn that they offered appointments via Skype or FaceTime. My Vision therapist was Christy, and she was absolutely wonderful! She explained the exercises in a way that made sense to me, and helped me to truly be in control of my own eyes! The differences were subtle at first, but towards the end of my therapy the improvements were very clear to see! (pun intended, see what I did there? ;p )