Our seven-year-old son has had difficulty with reading and writing since Jr. Kindergarten. A psycho-educational assessment recommended Visual Therapy through Pupils Vision Therapy, a provider that has shown success in many of their students in the past.
Dr. Wareham found that our son had: Ocular Motor Dysfunction, Accommodative Infacility, and Binocular-Vergence Dysfunction. He explained what these meant and how they could be corrected. He suggested a 24-week program where we would meet once a week with our therapist Tiffany who would explain and preview the “homework” for the upcoming week. The sessions were completed virtually during COVID while our son was also completing online learning.
Some of the new skills were initially difficult for our son, but Tiffany was able to keep him focused and engaged. Each week his skills developed and improved, and we quickly noticed an improvement in eye-hand coordination. He also became proactive in his efforts, often wanting to complete activities independently outside of specified homework time. He finished visual therapy early after only 20 sessions. The result has been a more confident kid who has improved reading skills, has more evenly spaced and legible handwriting, and has significantly improved eye-hand coordination (he can catch a ball now).
Thank you, Dr. Wareham and Tiffany, this whole experience has been amazing.