I suffered injuries in a car accident and was not able to get any help from my confusing vision symptoms until I was referred to Dr. Wareham, and the vision therapy program.

While I still continue to have some visual symptoms, the vision therapy has allowed me to have much better control over my eyes and my quality of life has improved as a result. I can now tolerate being in a moving vehicle with less symptoms and anxiety, I am able to shop for items in a store with less fatigue and often do not have to cover my eyes while I am near the flashing lights of emergency vehicles. I have less headaches with near work, dizziness and balance have improved, walking is easier now too. One of the most satisfying achievements in therapy was relearning how to catch and throw a ball – a skill that I could never have imagined I would have to relearn as an adult!

Vision therapy is hard work, it increases your symptoms and requires discipline and drive to complete the daily homework but the outcome is worth the effort for the reward of being able to see!

Thanks to Dr. Wareham, Marjorie and his team for helping me to regain my vision and ability to see.