When our daughter Eriann was in grade one we started to notice her difficulty in learning how to read, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. We could see the effort she was making and her eagerness to learn, however, for a reason that we couldn’t explain she wasn’t learning to read. She finished grade one at a reading level at half a grade behind, something that was concerning for us as her parents but not something the school thought required additional help or testing. She had regular eye checkups with our optometrist which is why we didn’t think it was an issue with her eyes at first. However, grasping at finding a solution, we asked our optometrist to request additional testing that may explain what was happening.

We were very fortunate to be recommended to see Dr. Wareham, as he was able to diagnose her with accommodation infacility, something that was able to be corrected with glasses and also treated with vision therapy. Words can’t explain how comforting it was to have an explanation and best of all, a solution!

Eriann started wearing glasses in grade two and we saw immediate improvements which was a huge relief. Eriann also started vision therapy from home through skype. She enjoyed vision therapy very much and always looked forward to her weekly sessions with Christy. She had fun completing her daily tasks and she learned how to control focusing her eyes and no longer requires glasses. Eriann is now at her grade level for reading and has an increased level of confidence at school and with trying new things.

In her words “I now love to read”. I am so very grateful to Dr. Wareham and Christy for their support and care of Eriann.