I suffered a sport-related concussion in 2013. After 3 years of trying other therapies and still having daily symptoms (including headaches, light sensitivity, and dizziness), my specialist referred me to Pupils Vision Therapy and Dr. Wareham. From my first visit, it was clear that he and his staff have extensive experience with concussion patients, including long-term sufferers like me. He understood when I tried to explain my sometimes difficult to explain symptoms and was very kind and patient with me. After a few visits and tries with prescription glasses without as significant an improvement as desired, he recommended vision therapy. I did my therapy through Skype with Christy.

She was amazing. I felt comfortable with her from our first session, and found myself looking forward to our weekly sessions. She is incredibly kind, knowledgeable and motivating. She understands that some of the exercises and tasks she asks of her patients are difficult, but always acknowledges the challenge and is very encouraging. Christy celebrated milestones in my treatment with me (like when I could read an entire Hart chart for the first time!) no matter how small they seemed. With her help, I graduated from the program with not only better eye function, but a better quality of life. I am very grateful for the empathy and treatment I received from Pupils Vision Therapy. I would recommend them to everyone.