I was in a car crash on the 401 over 3.5 years ago. Finally, 8 months after the crash, I was diagnosed with a concussion- mild traumatic brain injury. Since that accident I have struggled with balance, dizziness, memory, and cognition issues, plus other concussion symptoms.

I heard Dr. Wareham speak at a Brain Injury Conference a year after my diagnosis. I subsequently had the neuro-optometric visual testing done. The results were that my eyes were significantly “out of alignment”. One eye deviated up and the other went down. One eye also went in and one out.

I started the realignment process with prism lenses. A year later I was able to begin my course of vision therapy. My program was tailored to my specific needs and interests. When I wasn’t able to tolerate one exercise, my therapist substituted another, which would target the same goal. My therapist, Adam, and the other staff were always positive, encouraging, understanding, kind, and supportive.

I found out I was so far out of whack that I couldn’t bounce a ball and catch it from the side. At first, I couldn’t even TOUCH the ball! Quite a shock for this formerly very athletic & coordinated person. With practice, I was able to do this seemingly simple task. Then Adam amped up the difficulty, bouncing right hand to left hand, left to right, I even used 2 balls. He also tried me on a balance board. Over 4 weeks of practicing, I was able to stand on it with a narrow base and read complex charts; even bounce a ball off the wall and catch it. Progress!

After working hard on my program and completing the 41 weeks, my eyes are now very close to being straight. A month after graduating, I notice I am a little better and able to tolerate some activities which had previously triggered my symptoms and my feeling unwell.

Perhaps since it took over 3-5 years before my eyes got back on track, it will simply take time for my brain to adjust to this new normal. I remain hopeful for continuing improvements.

I am grateful that this type of treatment is available here, and for Dr. Wareham and his team’s expertise, commitment and professionalism.