My son, Aiden, had trouble in school. He told me that when he read, the words were jumbled. We went to our eye doctor but he said all was fine and nothing notable for vision was discovered. It was only through the psycho-ed assessment that it was suggested he had Irlens and dyslexia. When we chatted with friends, they had taken their son to Dr. Wareham to relax his eyes so that he could focus on the words.

We went to the appointment and set up a schedule of vision therapy through Pupils Vision Development and Rehabilitation. We live in a rural area – not within driving distance to therapy. Pupils Vision was able to allow my son to take vision therapy via Skype.

He was able to get his eye tracking fixed, learn to converge and diverge and to make himself boss of his eyes. He was able to get rid of the colored paper, the colored overlay and, possibly, within 2 years discard glasses. Other things that have been helped through the vision therapy include:

Aiden’s skating and hockey skills improved greatly according to his coach. He no longer has “crazy legs” when skating.

He can catch a ball better and has more confidence in different sports and activities.

He doesn’t bump into as many things nor does he stub his toes as much.

His printing is legible and the correct sizing for his grade level.

Aiden has gained more confidence in his ability to do his school work.

From here, I am hoping he can excel in school this year.