My experience as someone dealing with recovering from a multi-year concussion at the clinic was really great. To be fully honest, my family was skeptical of the whole process, but once I had an appointment with Dr. Wareham, that changed. He helped me describe symptoms that I had previously struggled to put into words and believed everything I said about what I was experiencing. Not only did this help me with my own self-acceptance, it also helped my parents understand what I was struggling with and the reality and all-encompassing nature of my situation.

After an involved assessment session, I was paired with Jon Casey as my vision therapist. His approach during the treatment (and that of the entire clinic) was of constant positive reinforcement, free of the judgment that I often felt when seeking treatment for my concussion elsewhere. He, and Myranda for the first few weeks, made sure that our sessions were fun and engaging. It was a genuine joy to come in each week, all the various exercises were fun, and now that I’m done (9 sessions ahead of schedule), I can see better than I could even before getting concussed, I have better control and awareness of what my eyes are doing, I’m longer constantly off-balance, and everyday tasks aren’t as tiring anymore since I’m not wasting a ton of energy just trying to see.

Every time I walked in and left, Jane was there to have a very nice chat with me while I waited and she went above and beyond on multiple occasions, especially with getting the documentation to match exactly what our insurance company needed. I’m super grateful for everyone at the clinic for such a great program.