Asher is a totally different child after completing Vision Therapy at Pupils Vision in Kanata with the amazing Sherri-Lynn. Asher has dyslexia, ADHD and a learning disorder, so struggles tremendously in school.

We were looking for a program to aid us with Asher’s dyslexia, as his learning was two grade levels below in reading and in most subjects. It was our ophthalmologist that suggested vision therapy to us from Smith Falls. It was the best decision that we have ever made for Asher’s learning. He has made huge strides under their care, with a lot of patience and a ton of hard work from both Sherri-Lynn and Asher. Asher is now reading everything in sight and moving up in reading assessments in school. He is doing well in math and loving it, such a change in him from before therapy.  There is a confidence in him that he never had before, as now he has the ability to look at something and actually see it for what it is, instead of it being a mess on the paper.

The staff are incredible and we hated leaving after our journey with them. We can’t thank Sherri-Lynn enough for all her hard work and patience with Asher, as it wasn’t always easy but it was always pleasure.