A Grateful Mother

Asher is a totally different child after completing Vision Therapy at Pupils Vision in Kanata with the amazing Sherri-Lynn. Asher has dyslexia, ADHD and a learning disorder, so struggles tremendously in school.

We were looking for a program to aid us with Asher’s dyslexia, as his learning was two grade levels below in reading and in most subjects. It was our ophthalmologist that suggested vision therapy to us from Smith Falls. It was the best decision that we have ever made for Asher’s learning. He has made huge strides under their care, with a lot of patience and a ton of hard work from both Sherri-Lynn and Asher. Asher is now reading everything in sight and moving up in reading assessments in school. He is doing well in math and loving it, such a change in him from before therapy.  There is a confidence in him that he never had before, as now he has the ability to look at something and actually see it for what it is, instead of it being a mess on the paper.

The staff are incredible and we hated leaving after our journey with them. We can’t thank Sherri-Lynn enough for all her hard work and patience with Asher, as it wasn’t always easy but it was always pleasure.

Dana Volk

Thank you to everyone at Pupils Vision!

I had glasses for a few years when I was younger, but they didn’t seem to be helping me at all, so I stopped wearing them for a while. My eyes were constantly tired though, and I had a very hard time focusing on things, which became a real problem when I started driving. I finally decided to go back to my optometrist, and they said that just having a new pair of glasses wouldn’t benefit me. They referred me Pupils Vision for Vision Therapy. My parents and I were a bit skeptic at first, since we had never heard of such a thing even existing before, and because we live very far away from their office. But after my initial consultation with Dr. Wareham, we were very glad to learn that they offered appointments via Skype or FaceTime. My Vision therapist was Christy, and she was absolutely wonderful! She explained the exercises in a way that made sense to me, and helped me to truly be in control of my own eyes! The differences were subtle at first, but towards the end of my therapy the improvements were very clear to see! (pun intended, see what I did there? ;p )

Vision therapy has opened up my Whole World

When Christy, my vision therapist, first asked me if I would write a testimonial, I remembered how reading about the other patient’s success made me feel more comfortable about starting the process and I readily agreed. But as I sat down to put words to paper, I faced two challenges – first, how to adequately describe how vision therapy completely, utterly and absolutely changed my entire life, and second, how to do it without writing a novel! I tried and gave up a few times and then decided to wait a while to adjust to my new reality.

So here I am, a few months out from my “graduation”, still completely amazed at the difference vision therapy has made to my whole life. I started vision therapy in my fifties because I had developed double vision that was making it difficult to drive and work. I started with the hope that my double vision would not get any worse – I finished with vision better than anything I had ever known and beyond anything I could have even imagined! Simple, almost effortless vision! Bright, sharp, 3D vision!

Everything became so much easier, driving, working, watching TV, reading, going up and down stairs. My balance has improved, my motion sickness is gone. My depth perception is so much better and I don’t run into door jambs like I used to and night driving, which use to terrify me, is now no problem.

Vision therapy has opened up my whole world, seeing in 3D, for me, is an over whelming experience, still, and I hope it always is. I had no idea what I was missing and I feel blessed that I discovered it later in life and can experience the full wonder that others consider “every day”.

Therapy was hard work but Christy made it so much fun! I am so happy that I found this program and I would highly recommend it. If you put in the work, it will work for you!

Tracy Bowden

Vision Therapy made my life easier

Vision Therapy made my life easier. It made me feel special. I was treated nicely and fairly. It had stuff that I really liked, like Nerf guns, chalk, a trampoline, and all sorts of stuff. I made new friends, like Christy, Adam and Dr. Wareham.

I got more into reading because now it is easier for me. It helped me be a better writer. I can write smaller and a little neater. It made my vision strong. I can focus on things better. I really liked it.

Aidan St. Pierre, Age 10

Aiden has gained more confidence

My son, Aiden, had trouble in school. He told me that when he read, the words were jumbled. We went to our eye doctor but he said all was fine and nothing notable for vision was discovered. It was only through the psycho-ed assessment that it was suggested he had Irlens and dyslexia. When we chatted with friends, they had taken their son to Dr. Wareham to relax his eyes so that he could focus on the words.

We went to the appointment and set up a schedule of vision therapy through Pupils Vision Development and Rehabilitation. We live in a rural area – not within driving distance to therapy. Pupils Vision was able to allow my son to take vision therapy via Skype.

He was able to get his eye tracking fixed, learn to converge and diverge and to make himself boss of his eyes. He was able to get rid of the colored paper, the colored overlay and, possibly, within 2 years discard glasses. Other things that have been helped through the vision therapy include:

Aiden’s skating and hockey skills improved greatly according to his coach. He no longer has “crazy legs” when skating.

He can catch a ball better and has more confidence in different sports and activities.

He doesn’t bump into as many things nor does he stub his toes as much.

His printing is legible and the correct sizing for his grade level.

Aiden has gained more confidence in his ability to do his school work.

From here, I am hoping he can excel in school this year.


Celeste and Aiden

I now love to read

When our daughter Eriann was in grade one we started to notice her difficulty in learning how to read, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. We could see the effort she was making and her eagerness to learn, however, for a reason that we couldn’t explain she wasn’t learning to read. She finished grade one at a reading level at half a grade behind, something that was concerning for us as her parents but not something the school thought required additional help or testing. She had regular eye checkups with our optometrist which is why we didn’t think it was an issue with her eyes at first. However, grasping at finding a solution, we asked our optometrist to request additional testing that may explain what was happening.

We were very fortunate to be recommended to see Dr. Wareham, as he was able to diagnose her with accommodation infacility, something that was able to be corrected with glasses and also treated with vision therapy. Words can’t explain how comforting it was to have an explanation and best of all, a solution!

Eriann started wearing glasses in grade two and we saw immediate improvements which was a huge relief. Eriann also started vision therapy from home through skype. She enjoyed vision therapy very much and always looked forward to her weekly sessions with Christy. She had fun completing her daily tasks and she learned how to control focusing her eyes and no longer requires glasses. Eriann is now at her grade level for reading and has an increased level of confidence at school and with trying new things.

In her words “I now love to read”. I am so very grateful to Dr. Wareham and Christy for their support and care of Eriann.


Shane and Michelle

My quality of life has improved

I suffered injuries in a car accident and was not able to get any help from my confusing vision symptoms until I was referred to Dr. Wareham, and the vision therapy program.

While I still continue to have some visual symptoms, the vision therapy has allowed me to have much better control over my eyes and my quality of life has improved as a result. I can now tolerate being in a moving vehicle with less symptoms and anxiety, I am able to shop for items in a store with less fatigue and often do not have to cover my eyes while I am near the flashing lights of emergency vehicles. I have less headaches with near work, dizziness and balance have improved, walking is easier now too. One of the most satisfying achievements in therapy was relearning how to catch and throw a ball – a skill that I could never have imagined I would have to relearn as an adult!

Vision therapy is hard work, it increases your symptoms and requires discipline and drive to complete the daily homework but the outcome is worth the effort for the reward of being able to see!

Thanks to Dr. Wareham, Marjorie and his team for helping me to regain my vision and ability to see.

Paige Leblanc, Graduation September 2015

The world is now his oyster

We are so grateful for the care that Dr. Wareham and Amanda provided for our son. He was in grade 2 and barely knew his letters and certainly could not read. He started to become a behavior problem in school, and at home, due to sheer frustration. We had already employed a specialized tutor but that just added to his frustration. When I reached out to the school Resource Teacher she asked if we would be willing to take him for a Vision Assessment. I explained that I had taken him to the optometrist three years in a row, every year being told that he had 20-20 eyesight. She told me that vision is more than just 20-20 eyesight–that it involves how the musculature of the eye works and how the two eyes operate together. So, we made an appointment. I was so impressed with the thoroughness of the examination by Dr. Wareham, how calm he was, and how well he interacted with my busy 6-year-old. He even got down on the ground with him, crawling around and down on his belly to test my son’s primitive reflexes. Who knew these could impact his vision? Not me.

Immediately after the exam, Dr. Wareham provided a thorough explanation of his findings and his recommended plan of treatment, including six months of vision therapy. This is a big commitment, especially for people like us who do not live in the city.
We began our vision therapy with Amanda and had regular exercises to be done at home. By working with your child at home it is easy to distinguish where their weaknesses are, and it is also very exciting to see their improvement over time. At the beginning my son could barely track well enough to read six letters divided over two different lines. Six months later he could breeze through twelve lines of 8 letters like it was second nature and with a “why are you bothering me with this easy stuff” attitude.
At the end of year BBQ at his school, his teacher came to me to tell me that he had gone up 13 reading levels over the school year and that she was so shocked she had to go back to her original records to ensure she had not made an error. My son now reads for pleasure at a much higher reading level than expected for a Grade 3.
We had to take away his book during his birthday party so he would interact with his guests! This is just remarkable for a parent who once despaired about the very difficult path her son was on. Dr. Wareham’s Vision Therapy program has saved him as far as I am concerned, and given him the most wonderful gift of reading with ease.
The world is now his oyster. I am so filled with gratitude.

Gavin and Christine Deugo

I am grateful for this type of treatment

I was in a car crash on the 401 over 3.5 years ago. Finally, 8 months after the crash, I was diagnosed with a concussion- mild traumatic brain injury. Since that accident I have struggled with balance, dizziness, memory, and cognition issues, plus other concussion symptoms.

I heard Dr. Wareham speak at a Brain Injury Conference a year after my diagnosis. I subsequently had the neuro-optometric visual testing done. The results were that my eyes were significantly “out of alignment”. One eye deviated up and the other went down. One eye also went in and one out.

I started the realignment process with prism lenses. A year later I was able to begin my course of vision therapy. My program was tailored to my specific needs and interests. When I wasn’t able to tolerate one exercise, my therapist substituted another, which would target the same goal. My therapist, Adam, and the other staff were always positive, encouraging, understanding, kind, and supportive.

I found out I was so far out of whack that I couldn’t bounce a ball and catch it from the side. At first, I couldn’t even TOUCH the ball! Quite a shock for this formerly very athletic & coordinated person. With practice, I was able to do this seemingly simple task. Then Adam amped up the difficulty, bouncing right hand to left hand, left to right, I even used 2 balls. He also tried me on a balance board. Over 4 weeks of practicing, I was able to stand on it with a narrow base and read complex charts; even bounce a ball off the wall and catch it. Progress!

After working hard on my program and completing the 41 weeks, my eyes are now very close to being straight. A month after graduating, I notice I am a little better and able to tolerate some activities which had previously triggered my symptoms and my feeling unwell.

Perhaps since it took over 3-5 years before my eyes got back on track, it will simply take time for my brain to adjust to this new normal. I remain hopeful for continuing improvements.

I am grateful that this type of treatment is available here, and for Dr. Wareham and his team’s expertise, commitment and professionalism.

Patti Knight

I did my therapy through Skype

I suffered a sport-related concussion in 2013. After 3 years of trying other therapies and still having daily symptoms (including headaches, light sensitivity, and dizziness), my specialist referred me to Pupils Vision Therapy and Dr. Wareham. From my first visit, it was clear that he and his staff have extensive experience with concussion patients, including long-term sufferers like me. He understood when I tried to explain my sometimes difficult to explain symptoms and was very kind and patient with me. After a few visits and tries with prescription glasses without as significant an improvement as desired, he recommended vision therapy. I did my therapy through Skype with Christy.

She was amazing. I felt comfortable with her from our first session, and found myself looking forward to our weekly sessions. She is incredibly kind, knowledgeable and motivating. She understands that some of the exercises and tasks she asks of her patients are difficult, but always acknowledges the challenge and is very encouraging. Christy celebrated milestones in my treatment with me (like when I could read an entire Hart chart for the first time!) no matter how small they seemed. With her help, I graduated from the program with not only better eye function, but a better quality of life. I am very grateful for the empathy and treatment I received from Pupils Vision Therapy. I would recommend them to everyone.


I knew that something was wrong

I knew that something was wrong with how I learned and had lots of problems in school. I was having a hard time seeing things on the board from my seat and I would write outside the lines and edge of the paper.

Now that I learned that my brain and my vision were not working together, after completing vision therapy, I am doing better in school and I believe in my abilities.

Now I am able to see the ball better when I am in net as a goalie playing soccer, to stop the ball, to help out my team.”

“As his mama, his academic success, confidence, and self-esteem have greatly improved as pupils vision therapy was connected to his learning struggles.

Pupils Vision is worth every penny and I would highly recommend this therapy for kids struggling in school. In addition, I would highly recommend Jenne as a professional, at Pupils Vision to assist your kids to succeed.”


Constant positive reinforcement, free of the judgment

My experience as someone dealing with recovering from a multi-year concussion at the clinic was really great. To be fully honest, my family was skeptical of the whole process, but once I had an appointment with Dr. Wareham, that changed. He helped me describe symptoms that I had previously struggled to put into words and believed everything I said about what I was experiencing. Not only did this help me with my own self-acceptance, it also helped my parents understand what I was struggling with and the reality and all-encompassing nature of my situation.

After an involved assessment session, I was paired with Jon Casey as my vision therapist. His approach during the treatment (and that of the entire clinic) was of constant positive reinforcement, free of the judgment that I often felt when seeking treatment for my concussion elsewhere. He, and Myranda for the first few weeks, made sure that our sessions were fun and engaging. It was a genuine joy to come in each week, all the various exercises were fun, and now that I’m done (9 sessions ahead of schedule), I can see better than I could even before getting concussed, I have better control and awareness of what my eyes are doing, I’m longer constantly off-balance, and everyday tasks aren’t as tiring anymore since I’m not wasting a ton of energy just trying to see.

Every time I walked in and left, Jane was there to have a very nice chat with me while I waited and she went above and beyond on multiple occasions, especially with getting the documentation to match exactly what our insurance company needed. I’m super grateful for everyone at the clinic for such a great program.


I can’t thank them enough!

In January 2015, I suffered a concussion at my work. In the two years following my concussion I had ongoing physiotherapy and occupational therapy, and I spent six weeks at the Toronto Rehabilitation Centre Head Institute undergoing intensive rehabilitation from a multidisciplinary approach. Two years after my concussion I still had daily headaches. I was unable to cope in busy, noisy or stimulating environments, and I couldn’t handle many visual stimuli (such as bright lights, moving screens, scrolling on computers). I couldn’t multi-task (something I had previously excelled at). I had trouble with many eye movements such as looking back and forth between people at family dinners or meetings and looking up or down hurt my eyes. I also had difficulty with seeing things that were not directly in front of me and I constantly bumped into furniture and door frames and fell over objects in my path.
WSIB finally referred me to Dr. Wareham for assessment. I was so impressed with his thoroughness. For the first time, a medical professional was testing for and identifying problems that no one else had thought to look for! He identified me as having Post Traumatic Vision Syndrome and a Visual Midline Shift. For the first time, a professional was able to explain what I was experiencing and why! I began wearing prism lenses and in January 2017 I started my visual therapy. At first, my progress was slow but steady and I began achieving one small goal after another. Even though the exercises gave me a headache and sometimes made me feel dizzy, I felt great satisfaction as I conquered each goal. Within a few months, exercises that had seemed so difficult now seemed easy.
As my therapy progressed, I began seeing improvements in my everyday life. I became able to participate for longer periods of time at large family dinners. I could drive in the rain with windshield wipers on without getting a bad headache. I could order a coffee at Tim Hortons without getting a headache from the moving tv screens overhead. I bumped into furniture and fell over things less frequently. It was so exciting to see the improvements, and I began to progress more quickly through my therapy!
After a year and a half, I was nearing the end of my therapy, and the biggest changes began to occur. In some indefinable way, my brain began to feel “right” again. I felt like myself. I became able to multitask again. I found myself able to cope in demanding situations and I began to challenge myself with activities that I had never dreamed that I would do again (drumming exercise class at the gym?! Wow!).
My visual therapy has been an incredibly exciting and life-changing journey. I am so grateful for the expertise of Dr. Wareham who was able to identify exactly where my problems lay and who gave me frequent assessments to determine what my next steps of therapy would be. I am so impressed with the skills of my therapists Sherri-Lyn and Jenne, who were able to analyze all of my responses and fine-tune and adapt my exercises for maximum benefit, and who brought humor and warmth to our weekly sessions. The entire team at Pupils Vision exemplifies professionalism, caring, and dedication. I can’t thank them enough!


One of the most constructive activities

Honestly, Vision Therapy has been one of the most constructive activities in assisting Xavier’s development in my honest opinion!

Xavier’s Mom

After struggling for years with the double vision

After struggling for years with the double vision I finally met Tiffany. Her passion for her work was clear from the first day, and it’s that confidence in Vision Therapy that gave me hope that I had finally found the solution to my vision problems. Tiffany’s careful attention to each of her patient’s needs was obvious as we discovered that my case was unique. Her dedication to my success was the reason I did not give up hope when faced with training obstacles. Working with Tiffany has taught me so much about my visual system and how to control it. I wish I would have started working with Tiffany, and Vision Therapy, years ago.


A game-changer!

My vision therapy with Tiffany was a game-changer in the improvements that I’ve made with my post-concussion syndrome. She worked so hard to get me to where I am today and was such a positive person to have on my treatment team! I feel so blessed to have had her as my vision therapist!


Our seven-year-old son has had difficulty with reading and writing since Jr. Kindergarten

Our seven-year-old son has had difficulty with reading and writing since Jr. Kindergarten. A psycho-educational assessment recommended Visual Therapy through Pupils Vision Therapy, a provider that has shown success in many of their students in the past.
Dr. Wareham found that our son had: Ocular Motor Dysfunction, Accommodative Infacility, and Binocular-Vergence Dysfunction. He explained what these meant and how they could be corrected. He suggested a 24-week program where we would meet once a week with our therapist Tiffany who would explain and preview the “homework” for the upcoming week. The sessions were completed virtually during COVID while our son was also completing online learning.
Some of the new skills were initially difficult for our son, but Tiffany was able to keep him focused and engaged. Each week his skills developed and improved, and we quickly noticed an improvement in eye-hand coordination. He also became proactive in his efforts, often wanting to complete activities independently outside of specified homework time. He finished visual therapy early after only 20 sessions. The result has been a more confident kid who has improved reading skills, has more evenly spaced and legible handwriting, and has significantly improved eye-hand coordination (he can catch a ball now).
Thank you, Dr. Wareham and Tiffany, this whole experience has been amazing.


A profound impact on my quality of life

Working with the Pupils Vision Therapy team has had a profound impact on my quality of life. Through regular check-ups with Dr. Wareham and vision therapy sessions with Katrina, I have had the opportunity to better understand and strengthen my visual system. Dr. Wareham and Katrina are very knowledgeable and approachable, and they have continually provided me with helpful and genuine feedback. In particular, I have greatly appreciated their honesty, boundless curiosity, and willingness to answer my many questions. Overall, working with this team is helping me to live my life with more ease and enthusiasm.


Their eyes work with their bodies now. I couldn’t be more pleased

My identical twin boys were having issues reading and transferring information from the board to their own papers in grade 1. They were also unwilling to learn to ride a bike and often touched things beyond what would be considered normal behavior. Vision therapy was recommended by a family friend who had a daughter who had benefited from it. After the assessment, my boys were diagnosed with delayed visual systems, and we began our VT journey with Christy as our therapist. Christy showed patience, energy, and compassion as we worked through the therapy process. My boys and I felt supported every step of the way. We laughed and worked hard and now they have graduated VT. It took years of therapy, but my boys are reading and writing. They ride their bikes with their friends and can downhill ski with confidence. Their eyes work with their bodies now. I could not be more pleased.

It breaks my heart to think that they lived so long with vision issues. We got their eyes checked regularly and they wear glasses; you think you have done all that can be done. But there are vision issues that are not easily detected by routine eye exams. I know this now. I would recommend to anyone with vision concerns to get an assessment done and pursue VT.